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Only One Catering Team

Our professional catering team consists of members from both hotels and up-market fine dining eateries.  Our chefs tirelessly put together new menus to satisfy the most demanding taste buds, and our serving teams infuse their work  with their true passion.  We guarantee customers the ultimate dining experience at all times.


Only One Catering Chief Chef

Our Chief Chef Jeffrey used to be a top chef at an international hotel. He had also operated a Chinese restaurant plus a high-end Western restaurant with solid bookings night in and night out. Jeffrey loves to innovate and is extremely demanding on food and is very dedicated in meeting the demands of his clients.

Jeffrey likes to innovate, breaks old-fashioned restrictions in doing things, and has designed the seafood shake shake series to maintain the umami taste of the delicacy. In addition, his black truffle potato waves, Italian fig toast, curry puffs, etc. are specially recommended.

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Tel: 3481 3418

Whatsapp: 9432 2961


Add.: Flat 1722/F., Honour Industrial Centre, No 6 Sun Yip Street ,Chai Wan Hong Kong    

(Licensed Food Factory)

We look forward to serving you soon.